Itzamná Poncho

$435.00 USD

Itzamná Poncho pays tribute to the Mayan God of the sky, he is considered a universal spirit of life that encourages chaos so that there is creation. This piece incorporates two different techniques. The hand embroidery on the shoulders symbolizes the four cardinal points, while the flowing movement that reflects the connection with the stars.

This poncho is the perfect choice for pairing with a dress or jeans, whether for a casual day out or a night on the town.

Each piece is woven on a backstrap loom and adorned with hand embroidery by a single skilled artisan, it takes over 35 days to make it.

About your piece

Our ITZAMNA poncho is a beautiful outcome of collaboration with a talented family of 25 women from Yochib, Chiapas. These master artisans have honed their waist loom technique since the age of twelve. With their expertise in color combinations and innovative design ideas, they've given each artisanal piece a contemporary twist that showcases their skill.

Meet Our Artisans

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