Kuxul Cape

$525.00 USD

Featuring a hand-embroidered vine along the cape, this piece creates an eye-catching visual effect that combines contemporary style with allure.

This cape is named after the word in the Tzotzil language that means 'Alive,' represented by the vine and finished with an exquisite fringe trim.

This elegant and versatile cape makes a unique statement piece suitable for any occasion.

About your piece

This is our first collaboration between two communities from two different states in Mexico. The cape and hand-stitched fringe were woven in San Juan Cancuc, Chiapas, and the vine was hand-embroidered in Tenango, Hidalgo.

Combining two different techniques and taking between 50-55 days to finish a single piece, we have created this unique and sophisticated design.

Meet Our Artisans

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