Chaac Oversized Blazer

$455.00 USD

This blazer takes its inspiration from the Mayan God of Rain. The fringes symbolize the rain, with the blazer's fabric depicting the red hues of sunrise, the white of the midday zenith, and black for the sunset in the west.

This blazer embodies a fusion of artisanal and bohemian aesthetics, creating a unique and captivating piece Crafted on a backstrap loom, the fringes are meticulously hand-embroidered one by one, making each piece a 42-day labor of love.

About your piece

Our CHAAC blazer is the result of collaboration with a talented group of 35 master weavers from San Juan Cancuc, a Tzeltal-speaking community located in the highlands of Chiapas. Our artisans handcraft each piece sustainably, devoid of electricity, pesticides, or chemicals.

Meet Our Artisans

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