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Tesoros Mayas

"Let's Keep Our Traditions Alive"

Our stories are connecting generations of Mexican heritage through our creations in weaving. We invite you to slow down and cherish the details in all of our pieces, handcrafted with immense love and pride.


Inspired by the richness of colors, flavors and textures that will invite you to travel to those magical towns and beaches of our beloved Mexico.
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Elevate your outfit! Our handwoven pieces with natural fibers embodies traditional designs in a unique, chic and versatile accessory. 

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Effortless and timeless designs that provide conscious luxury with each one-of-a-kind pieces for you to treasure for years to come.

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Transform how you feel and how you’re seen.

Most of our garments are designed one size to fit many different body types, which is why we offer you the opportunity to be part of the design of your own dream piece.

Made to Order

There’s something special about knowing that a piece was made specifically for you in a unique and beautiful way.

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Join the slow fashion movement and reduce apparel waste

Find the style you love. Then customized with measurements and colors to find a look that best suit you. 

The Handmade Process

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Our Fabrics

Our natural yarns and fibers are carefully chosen with love and the utmost care for the environment

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Fair Trade

Our artisans set the price of each piece they made, working on their own terms and times.

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Each piece is made with ancestral methods in harmony with the nature around them.


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